Best Fantasy Books labeling New Weird as as subset of Fantasy and equating it with Slipstream

I’ve never seen these combined in this way. A very interesting take on it.
What is New Weird Fantasy (aka Slipstream fantasy)?

What do you think? Are New Weird and Slipstream interchangeable in some ways? Do you consider them a kind of Fantasy? In any case, this article describes this style very well.

Quote: It’s a modern, non-linear, magical-realism type of almost experimental fiction, dancing between borders of science fiction, fantasy and mainstream literary fiction.

Annie Neugebauer on The Differences Between Commercial and Literary Fiction

Very clear post.


The aim of commercial fiction is entertainment.

The aim of literary fiction is art.

commercial example: Obsidian Butterfly, Laurell K. Hamilton

literary example: Moon Tiger, Penelope Lively

upmarket example: The Passage, Justin Cronin

Hin Leung Reads “Third Face” for Hong Kong’s Liar League Series

The Whimsy of Creation: The Blog of Tieryas


Even by my standards, this story was a weird one to write. It’s a riff on the “third eye” and cosmic mysteries with a face growing out of the main character that can’t help barking out comments to embarrass the narrator. It’s also about weird alien love. I really enjoyed watching Hin Leung bring the story to life with this evocative performance. Thanks Hin and Liars League HK!

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