Glossolalia: Psychological Suspense Novel is Released

Glossolalia_Cover_for_KindleThis high octane thriller explores the brilliantly dark side of the secret agents who are vital to maintaining the country’s status. Like the sensation, Stranger Things, this suspense novel references MKULTRA and other government mind control program history and speculation.

A magkical child named Emily responds to the Elizabethan spy code, Enochian, and when she plays Enochian chess, it’s an international event. She has a special relationship to Reverend Terry Crank’s church. Crank’s entire life is an international event. And he wants to make sure Emily’s remains that way too.

Nancy wants to stop a crime she sees in progress, and that takes her down the rabbit hole of political intrigue, money laundering, drug running, the collusion of church and state, and surprises galore about people around her, including her own reflections. Glossolalia turns the traditional spy thriller on its head and shakes it down. When Nancy looks down at the mirror on the floor where the evidence has shaken out of the pockets of the agency, she starts to understand. And it’s shocking.

Until amnesia overtakes her once again. She must break through the mirrors on the ceiling and the floor to see outside the box they’ve created for her, and out of her.

Angela Ageless wishes she could have sex one day for its own sake, not for her job. But she’s core to the conspiracy. How could she be anything else?

What would you do if your subconscious determined the fate of nations?

Read the release Composed by Press Release Distribution, at Inside Bay Area, Aug 4 2016

Reading/Answering Questions Live Today

Today at 1:00 PM Pacific Time, at THIS LINK, I’ll be one of three authors in the NovoPulp Volume III Launch Party Google Hangout.

I’ll read some pages from my SF story about the same topic that’s in my Psychological Suspense series, The Agents of the Nevermind — social engineering by Intelligence agents.

If you’re interested, you can watch and ask questions of any of us.

Psychological Suspense Thriller Novella

glossalalia coverGlossolalia: a Psychological Suspense Thriller is a novella with a kick-ass female protagonist named Nancy.

What do you do when the proper authority to report a crime to — is the criminal?

Nancy just wants to keep the only job she can get. No one else would put up with her fugues. Who else but her uncle would hire her? So she works at his poison company even though it goes against her beliefs.

Hell, everything she puts in her mouth goes against her beliefs. But she stays in shape because she’s a wild kicker; her idea of fun is competing in Karate tournaments. Besides, defending herself could be necessary. She apparently gets into quite the scrapes in unknown territories.

Accompanied by Dog, and visions of Bennu, the traditional Egyptian flamingo god who is the shadow self of Osiris, she plays out her roles in the deadly game.

She watches what she suspects is a crime in progress at the company, and a death defying chase ensues. Can she stay alive long enough to find out what happened and save the lives of countless people, animals, and plants?

Only if she can discover who she is in time.

Science Fiction novel to be published by Driven Press in 2015

Unside: A Book of Closed Time-Like Curves will be put out in print and e-book by Driven Press. Have you ever thought you knew something, looked closer, and found out you were wrong, that something deeper was going on? And then looked closer and found out that was an illusion too, and each time you learned more, found out there were more layers of deceit? Most likely you have, if you spend any time researching the news, history, and our culture which has been molded by CounterIntelligence into what they want us to think it is.

The spiral structure of this full-length SF novel creates that same chilling sensation of getting closer and closer to the intensity of the truth. While Unside is all made up, and happens in the very near future, it sheds light on real contemporary events. So this book is like your friend, who understands what it’s like to live in this society as an aware individual searching for what’s really going on.

And it’s an entertaining friend, who likes to relax with you in a comfy chair and eat ginger truffles. There are jaunty dancing skeletons, an eccentric Japanese American protagonist who likes to conduct auras, a friendly store owner selling fascinating skeletal decorations, and a seeing-eye dog named after the remote viewer, Ingo Swann.

Sign up to know when it’s coming out if that sounds good to you, and stay tuned for more about it and the advanced technology proposals by DARPA it’s based on.

40 percent off on my new book through Dec 15th


Equinox Mirror is normally 17.00 but is only 60 percent of that right now if you enter the code 40NOW into the ELJ site when ordering! Wow, if you ever want to buy it, now is the time. It’s not Genre, but it’s an exploration of science, is fantastical, is even macabre, so it touches on all the elements.

Want to read occult fiction? A recursive tale of physics?

Do you identify with how hard it is to be able to tell how you look in the mirror, considering they all reflect a slightly different shape? What if you had the mental illness called Body Dysmorphia (Alice in Wonderland Disorder) and really had no idea at all how you looked? That’s what the Lucky Lavaggio goes through, the protagonist of this illustrated novella. She just wants to know if she should even bother trying to win back love, continue on her career, or flirt and act pretty, or not.

And she has a plan, based on the Dysmorphic Grimoire. A ritual requiring travel to show her truth in her wild, changing scrying mirror made magic through her perceptual eccentricity from youth.

What will happen at her boarding house when she leaves the denizens to their own devices?

And who is she? What is she? And what is the Other Lucky Lavaggio and why is he flashing in and out of her awareness as he fights the Void?

This is the time to find out.

Equinox Mirror

Equinox Mirror is my forthcoming book from ELJ Publications, due out Dec. 5th. 2014. Readers of only Genre fiction probably would not like it, as it’s ambitious Literary fiction exploring new territory. But it’s entirely based on a valid existing scientific theory, so people who like SF because of imagining what the world might be like may well find this novella stimulating.

It’s dark, weird, occult, paranormal, macabre and eccentric, not usual straight edged hard SF, but I wrote it to consider the reality of the well-known theory. I just don’t want to say what that is, because that would be a spoiler.

It has 23 illustrations to help visualize what’s going on in this convoluted tale of scrying, recursive imagination. Each set of illustrations is different for each character, from the heavy black splattered void-fighting male Lucky Lavaggio to the delicate pencil strokes of the uncertain mother, to the childlike imaginings of the demented female Lucky.

“Lucky Lavaggio, who can’t discern how she looks, and thus how to take appropriate action, takes her magic scrying mirror on a trip through the time zones to where it is already Autumn — a ritual prescribed in the Dysmorphic Grimoire to see one’s self clearly and know the future. Mystified by her flashing awareness of a male Lucky Lavaggio who fights the Void, and overwhelmed by her sense of everything happening at once as one continuum, due to her prematurely raised Kundalini, she counts on the reassuring continual presence of a woman she keeps in the oubliette at all times through subterfuge. The eccentric characters at her boarding house, who resemble those who populated her childhood dollhouse, patiently suffer through her weirdness — but for how long?

This illustrated Neo-Noir Slipstream novella explores physics, the occult, passionate longing, and precarious mortality.”

Anyone interested in a review copy, please contact.