Cease, Cows

Our founding editor has created Lit Demon, a writers’ resource and educational hub. It’s pretty sweet. Check it out:

Ever been in a writing workshop? It’ll be like that, except not in meatspace. No smelling other people’s farts. No dealing with other people having a heart attack right in the middle of the floor when it’s time to talk about your piece. None of that.

Never been in a writing workshop? Well, mostly people fart and have heart attacks.

What we’re trying to say is that if you don’t take one of our classes, you’ll be missing out. Big time. It could change your evening. Or your life? Technically, what with causal avalanches and the Butterfly Effect, it’s pretty much 100% guaranteed to change your life.

Our first workshop is May 10th with Tantra Bensko. Check the deets out below. She’ll be teaching writers how to be fabulous…

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