Catching Up

I haven’t posted here for a long time. I’ve been posting extensively elsewhere, though, such as at The Engineering of Society. My focus in my fiction is the psychological suspense series called The Agents of the Nevermind, which I plan to start releasing, though Insubordinate Books, the end of January. The series is all stand-alone books in which the Agents commit crimes related to social engineering, all referencing something in the real world. The blog directly addresses the manipulation of people’s beliefs and thus their actions, which is the core of the fiction series.

This blog is primarily for readers of my Genre fiction, so while I fudge the boundaries quite a bit in the posts, including a bit of the Slipstream, I do try for the most part to leave the dastardly Literary fiction for elsewhere. However, I’m happy to say I found out last night I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for one of THOSE sorts of stories.

I’m going to be interviewed about one of my solidly Sci Fi stories Dec. 13th online with two other participants from NovoPulp, so I’ll try to keep this updated in time for those details. The story is called “Place Theory.”

It’s now about time to start signing on with bloggers to do guest posts, interviews, and reviews related to my first book in the series coming out end of January, Glossolalia: A Psychological Suspense Thriller. If you or anyone you can think of might be interested, please let me know. I can discuss the book and series, social engineering, collusion of church and state and other such topics within Glossolalia, the writing of psychological suspense genre (I’m a fiction writing instructor with UCLA and elsewhere), moving from writing Lit to Genre, from being published by others to indie.


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