Missing Persons File 6899 Documents

Missing Persons File 6899 Documents is my crime story at J.J. Outre Review, a publication which will also be available as an ebook and in print soon.

Report filed June 9. First, we must look very closely at the evidence. During our investigation of Mr. Noteworthy’s room, the subject’s housemate, we found several pornographic magazines. His bedroom door had a padlock on it, which is not the case for any of the other housemates in this forested rural area, though few of the homes are shared other than by families, so the statistics are not highly significant without a wider study outside our district.

We happened to notice a photo of the missing person in question in one of them, a magazine called Skin. Most likely, this occurred because it was a hot day and we turned on the fan, which riffled the pages. We felt it our duty to peruse the other magazines. The missing Elenore Underberg, AKA “Ms. Anteat,” AKA “Ms. AunTeat,” is featured it turns out, in every one of them, all under different names, with completely different “facts” in her — biographical statements, as it were.


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