40 percent off on my new book through Dec 15th


Equinox Mirror is normally 17.00 but is only 60 percent of that right now if you enter the code 40NOW into the ELJ site when ordering! Wow, if you ever want to buy it, now is the time. It’s not Genre, but it’s an exploration of science, is fantastical, is even macabre, so it touches on all the elements.

Want to read occult fiction? A recursive tale of physics?

Do you identify with how hard it is to be able to tell how you look in the mirror, considering they all reflect a slightly different shape? What if you had the mental illness called Body Dysmorphia (Alice in Wonderland Disorder) and really had no idea at all how you looked? That’s what the Lucky Lavaggio goes through, the protagonist of this illustrated novella. She just wants to know if she should even bother trying to win back love, continue on her career, or flirt and act pretty, or not.

And she has a plan, based on the Dysmorphic Grimoire. A ritual requiring travel to show her truth in her wild, changing scrying mirror made magic through her perceptual eccentricity from youth.

What will happen at her boarding house when she leaves the denizens to their own devices?

And who is she? What is she? And what is the Other Lucky Lavaggio and why is he flashing in and out of her awareness as he fights the Void?

This is the time to find out.


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